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Pro Physio – Performance Amplified
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TO ProPhysio

True to our tag line – Performance Amplified, ProPhysio looks to help you achieve your fitness and performance goals. Whether it is to be able to walk pain-free or cut minutes off your personal best in a long run or aim for an Olympic Podium, we use cutting edge Physiotherapy and insightful sport science techniques to understand you, identify areas of improvement and then guide you on your way.

Our Expert Physiotherapist and Sport Scientist- Nikhil Latey has spent almost a decade working with some of the best athletes in the country on field. He has been part of training and tournaments for a variety of sports like Boxing, Badminton, Shooting, Archery etc. having attended several world cups and world championships. He was personal Physio for MC Mary Kom at the London Olympics in 2012, for Gagan Narang at Rio Olympics in 2016 and Saina Nehwal at All England Championships in 2015.

Our Services

Specialists in Sport Physiotherapy with an acute awareness of the mental anguish of an injury and the need to get back fast. We specialise in Sports injuries, repetitive stress injuries, overload injuries, traumatic injuries like ankle sprains
Sport Science
Scientists with a great depth of knowledge about on field sport performance. We use high tech and unique equipment to do sport specific assessments and identify lacunae in training and performance. Special modules for running, cycling and Shooting sports.
Foot mechanics and Insoles
A complete solution for foot related problems from assessment to training to prescription and provision of customised insoles. Plantarfasciitis, shin splints, calf and foot pain are some of the issues we aim to resolve.

Our Facilities

Parent body of sportsmed Activ and a brainchild of Dr. Anant Joshi. Sportsmed is one stop shop for all injury and rehab related needs of athletes. Sportsmed is a comprehensive arthroscopy, joint preservation and sport medicine facility.

Sportsmed Activ is a function restoration and performance enhancement center for athletes and common people. The focus is on an integrated approach to injury management. Our center offers pre and post surgery solutions such as physiotherapy, osteopathy, sports science and yoga.
What our clients


Olympic medallist, 5 time World Champion, Padma Bhushan and Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna

When women’s boxing was introduced for the London Olympics, I was very excited. Though I immediately knew it was going to be a lot of hard-work.

Nikhil stepped in with some accurate analysis of my boxing, which revealed lacunae in training that give that last 1% edge.
Slowly and steadily, he changed my conditioning routine to target specific muscles and issues. For eg. Back and knee trouble that had plagued me for some time.

Nikhil would accompany me to Liverpool for 2 weeks prior to London to acclimatise and train as I wanted to be away from the madness in London (206 countries, media). By the time I returned to London on 3rd evening – my first bout was on the 5th – I was ready to fight for a medal.

Throughout the journey to the big medal, I have found Nikhil to be genuine in his approach and very caring of all the athletes he works with. He will always walk the extra mile for you to give you the best treatment and advice.

World Record holder in 10m Air Rifle, Olympic bronze medalist

I’ve known Nikhil since 2010 and he has worked with me as a physio looking after my injuries and regular up-keep. Nikhil is a thorough professional – patient with athletes and full of integrity. Above all he knows what he is doing. His knowledge and understanding of muscles and the body is exceptional.

We worked mostly on my stretching, water intake, vitamin levels, and body strengthening considering I compete in 3 shooting events.
His most astute contribution was his suggestion of insoles for my feet which were causing me the most trouble.
He suggested stuff like strengthening and stretching, eating on time etc which is not just a good habit in everyday life but also good for the sport.

Most importantly, he’s drilled into me the importance of small things regarding managing my shooting fitness. Small things matter big time because they add up. The marginal gains concept may be an oversimplification, but it matters.

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