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Recovering better post TMM – Pro Physio

Wish you all a great run tomorrow!
By now you must have got your hydration, fuel and race strategy in place. Just a couple of pointers from my side to help you recover well after your run.

The ideal recovery actually starts now-

  1. Drink plenty of water today
  2. Sleep early.. preferably by 9:30 PM
  3. Limber up well in the morning when at waiting area
  4. People carrying some niggles, spend a longer time warming up
  5. The half is going to be a crowded affair, you probably won’t be able to run the way you want till almost Atria mall. BE PATIENT! The best way to screw up your run is to sprint when space opens up as you burn through a lot of fuel.
  6. Do not skip cool down. You need to stretch well I’m your cool down post run.
  7. At first possible chance rub down your legs with ice (the real thing not gel packs).
  8. Eat well post run, preferably something with protein and carbs
  9. Sleep well after the run

Take care.

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Yes Nikhil thanks very much for the tips. I am sure this helps a lot specially to the first timer.

Thank you doctor. I’m running only with the confidence you gave me. I’ll try my best to finish strong.

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