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Recovery 1 – Pro Physio

Done with TMM!!! 

Congratulations to everyone who participated in TMM 2018!

As the dust settles on this years Mumbai Marathon, some achieved their goals and some came close. Others glad to have been a part of the spectacle. But EVERYONE left happier with a sense of achievement and probably a private promise to come back next year stronger.


The equation for performance is fairly simple-

(Over simplified, bear with me)


But this equation is incomplete. There is a pre- requisite to training well- Recovery.

Let’s take a look at what constitutes “Good Recovery”-

Recovery can be termed as recovering after a workout to return to baseline or it can also be seen as being able to get rid of the fatigue fast so that it doesn’t get carried over into the next training session.

Today I will talk a bit about the first part- recovering post a workout to return to baseline.

A lot has already been covered on this topic online and in various forums. This is what has worked for me when working with athletes

  1. Warm up- never skip warm ups. It brings the body upto the right temperature where the muscles are more pliable. The chemicals in the muscles that help in burning fuel to generate power for movement are most active at a temperature a couple of degrees above the normal body temperature. So a warmup not only reduces chances of muscle injury but also improves performance.
    An ideal warm up should be minimum of 10-15 mins (longer in case of cold weather or injury). It should have some general components like mild stretching, limbering up and some specific components like slow jogging before a training run.
  1. Cool down- Never skip on cool downs either. A good cool down gently relaxes the body, helps in clearing the waste products produced as a result of the exercises, and maintains a slightly high blood supply which helps in the repair process.
  2. Icing- Icing down the muscles which have worked hard during the training session, greatly improves the repair time. Icing causes the muscle temperature to drop, reduces the metabolism and therefore the blood supply is way more than needed which aids in recovery.
  3. Hydration- during the training, depending on how hot it is and how much you sweat out.
  4. Eating well post the training session to replenish the used-up resources. Depending on the intensity of the run, you will need a combination of carbs and proteins.


These are the 5 basic rules of recovering quickly post a run. In the next post I want to talk about recovery in general which is applicable to everyone- runner/ non-runner/ couch potato/ Olympic athlete.

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Yes, most of us forget the fact that, the effect of training takes place during recovery only!

Good insight into crucial aspects of training that we end up missing out on very often. Thank you.

Good overview of components to avoid any injury post workout
Important information

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